The volunteer team on each of our holidays includes at least one fully registered nurse (often two!) but you don't need to be a paediatric nurse.

The nurse’s role includes the following tasks:

  • To liaise with parents/carers regarding the children’s medical needs.
  • To administer medication to children in line with their usual routine.
  • To deal with any health concerns which may arise, involving external help if necessary (e.g. ambulance, hospital and/or G.P.).
  • To deal with any minor accidents which may occur, involving external help if necessary (e.g. ambulance, hospital and/or G.P.).
  • To support volunteer helpers in providing for the children’s needs, e.g. with feeding equipment.
  • To support the training of volunteer helpers.

The nurse is supported by the holiday organisers and the other volunteers, several of whom often have medical training themselves. Trustees and members of the Trust’s executive committee, which also includes medically trained people, can provide further advice and support.

Being the nurse on a Newman Trust holiday is particularly rewarding as you liaise with all the children on a daily basis and a key member of the holiday team. If you would like to volunteer as a nurse, please apply for a holiday. If you could support the Trust in other ways (eg make colleagues aware of our holidays) or if you have any questions, please contact us - we would love to hear from you.

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