Help with grant applications

Grants from charitable Trusts and Foundations are an incredibly valuable source of income for The Newman Holiday Trust. They provide the backbone of our funding, and we are always looking for help to fill in new applications.

The application process varies significantly and can range from sending an A4 letter to a small charitable Foundation, to completing a 30 page application form for a large national Trust. If you are able to help with applications in any way at all, we would be incredibly grateful.

We will provide you with the details of Trusts and Foundations which we think would support The Newman Holiday Trust, and will also provide all of the information you need for making the application. We will be on hand throughout the process to help with the application.

We also organise Trust application days throughout the year, where we get together and write applications to a number of Trusts all in one day. If you are interested in attending one of these days, or would like to help by writing applications at home, please contact us.

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