Organise a fundraising event

Got an idea for a fundraising event? Brilliant! Fundraising events such as comedy nights, gigs and sing-a-long’s have been fixtures in The Newman Holiday Trust’s calendar for years, and have raised tens of thousands of pounds for the holidays. If you’d like any advice or tips on how to get started then please do contact us.

Below are a few tips to help get you started planning your own event:

  • Location: Does the venue have all the facilities you need (especially toilets / disability access)
  • Date & time: Think of your event and what would be the best time of day for it. Think about the type of people you’d like to come, what time is most suitable for them.
  • Cost: Is your budget realistic, does it cover outfits, promotional material, catering?
  • Guest list & invitations: Consider who you want to come, what’s the best way of letting them know about your event?
  • Publicity: Spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, posters, flyers and radio announcements
  • Volunteers: Get help to plan the day and also for the big day itself
  • Insurance: You may require public liability insurance so make sure you have adequate insurance for your event (and your suppliers)
  • Health & safety: From food hygiene to fire regulations, it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • Raffles: Check with us as there are certain restrictions with each type of raffle.

REMEMBER: Keep it legal

Your event may require permission from the police, your local council or even the charity. Give your local authority a quick call to check what you need to do.

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