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The Newman Holiday Trust is an entirely voluntary charity at all levels. We rely on hundreds of people generously donating their spare time. Here is an introduction to the small team currently at the centre of things…

The Holiday Organisers are at the heart of the Trust’s work. Each holiday has two organisers who are responsible for all aspects of planning, preparing and running their holiday, including forming the group of children who have been referred to them, recruiting volunteer helpers and booking activities.

The Holiday Organisers form the core of an Executive Committee, along with the Trustees and other volunteers with particular skills and areas of responsibility. The Committee communicates throughout the year and meets regularly to discuss and take decisions on all aspects of the Trust, including fundraising, recruitment, communication and referrals.

We continually look for ways to improve the Trust’s effectiveness in reaching the children and families who most need it and in providing the best possible standards of care and the best possible holidays.

The board of Trustees has overall responsibility for the holidays and for ensuring that standards are maintained. We oversee, direct, advise and support the Holiday Organisers, as well as steer the Trust in terms of overall strategy with regard to issues such as structure, finance and regulation.

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