How your support can help

Every year The Newman Holiday Trust provides holidays across the country for children with disabilities and special needs. These holidays are life changing for the children. They allow them to build confidence, make friends, and most importantly have a fantastic time in a safe and supported environment. They are also life changing for their families or carers who are given the opportunity to take a much needed break. Sometimes giving them the chance to have their first holiday in years.

Our holidays rely on voluntary donations and fundraising to go ahead each year, we need your support today to help fund a child’s place on a holiday.

The Trust is an entirely voluntary organisation, with over 200 people generously dedicating their free time. This voluntary structure means that every penny you donate will go directly towards a child’s holiday.


Your regular monthly donations can help:

£5 a month…
£10 a month…
£20 a month…

How your one-off donation can help:

£5 can pay for a child’s gift.
£50 could pay for a group of 25 children to go horse riding.
£300 can provide one child with a week-long holiday.
£10,000 can fund a whole holiday.

There is a very quick and easy way to donate to the Trust via the Virgin Money Giving website. If you donate via this site we can claim Gift Aid, which adds 25 per cent to every donation at no extra cost to you.

If you would like to set up a regular donation, please contact us via the Contact Us page here

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